Experiencing fractally

on one of my cycling trips, seewah and i were at see you latte. she remarked that one of the editing tools she used for our dust zine were cropping and zooming in (see: the cosmic zoom)

this reminded me of scale as a medium for traversing worlds, from the micro- to macroscopic.

this reminded me of fractals, and how they are patterns that the laws of nature repeat at different scales.

scale as a portal into the small, and into their worlds, reminding us that the small is the huge — a lesson on contingency, and contingency of realities. reminding me of liu cixin's book on dimension-folding beings, worlds contained, worlds destroyed.

these peak moments of appreciation brought to mind Annika's newsletter where she talks about the power of the small, the power of fractals and scales.

this relates to our ideas on how the small is a portal for discovery, and how in the simple, conscious act of noticing, worlds are created.

during the cycle to Rower's Bay, the park connector by the river bank of yishun dam, we saw some climbing plants on interesting looking trees that caught my/melvin's/seewah's eye.

i find it humbling that what seemed to be an aesthetic observation can be mirrored in the cultivation of self, in self experiences.

and i am wondering about all the small acts (the everyday rituals) that make up a larger balanced whole of the self.

there is some resonance between my conscious self when it perceives another fractal in action (as when i appreciate and view nature). in that fuzzy space of intersubjectivity where I reach another being.

other images of the liveliness of trees.