Role of music in meditation

to update: more theory-based & mystical reasoning or literature behind this

Listening to: Flow State - Above & Beyond

Music as a portal with consonant frequencies to access substratum consciousness. Beauty as a kind of portal to a cosmically synchronised feeling.

When meditating, and playing music, somehow it puts me at a certain frequency, mostly akin to joy (feelings should be more nuanced than this). Makes me think about how this relates to entering a deeper state of consciousness during meditation.

The present moment is always full, always brimming with the life force or universal energy. I felt it while walking home after a run (1st October, 2020), watching the sky dissolving into different blue gradients. Vital matter, I thought to myself, while listening to Weird Studies talk about the I Ching.

Meditation requires one to revert to a truer state of mind. I'm sure there's something deeper that's worth being said here.