πŸ•Š On intense weirding and paradigm shifts

Keep speaking your boundaries, keep unapologetically taking up space, keep throwing your head back and basking in each moment even if it isn’t perfect.. Surprise yourself with how far you stray from the stories that make you act in smallness. Create within yourself, the environment that your inner child would have thrived in, and then bring it to those around you. Act in complete opposition of your self limiting beliefs until they disappear. It’s crazy how much power you reclaim when you act from your heart rather than your story-ridden mind. This is a reminder that you are free, we always forget. β€” Hitomi

something i've been thinking about is engaging in intense weirding. sometimes i have a deep craving to get phased out of my current paradigm of viewing the world, interacting with people, or perceiving interactions. all of this, i guess, stems from a frustration with myself and the way i move in the world.

it's about getting yourself outside of the paradigm to constantly challenge and engage with different points of being, different points of perception. The assumption is that my being plays out the unconscious stories I believe about myself, and these are stories that "make me act in smallness". Smallness is something I'm all too familiar with, and many times I've want to catapult myself out of this paradigm of feeling.