Fleeting pocket stories

a future in which humans evolve into mythical creatures and seek truths in stories and fables. Ley line alignment and orbital synchronisation between earth and mars would allow for the regular transportation of humans off-Terra and onto Mars, & vice versa. A sacred ritual.

inspired by
  • Genshin Impact's lore; on ley line openings, and the "ancient tree"
  • "Ley lines... A mysterious network that links the whole world together, within which flow the elements. it's said the ley lines remember all things that happen in this world, from the surface down to the deepest depths..."

an infrared ghost lingers in the abode of an old man who lives alone. he has dementia and limited movements. sometimes he doesn't know why the static on his outmodeled TV goes on, but like many other strange occurences in his life, he accepts this as a lapse in memory. he has a talking companion plant named PETAL who helps him remember. the ghost and himself have met before, briefly, in his younger days, unbeknownst to both of them. they watch each other on rainy evenings, warm data transmission like a hug.

inspired by
  • rachel's reply to my instastory on the early morning when my TV suddenly turned on and the anchorwoman on channel news asia stirred me up from my sleep. felt eerie with the TV light casting a glow on my father who was sound asleep in the living room.
  • the quantum ghost at a mountain teashack in China, from the novel Ghostwritten by David Mitchell.. that story has never really left me

a boy experiences his whole life only to die and realise he has been trapped in a tree the whole time. the tree (and him) belong to a network of forests in which humans are parasitic on. the forests feed humans dreams of living to sustain themselves. .

inspired by
  • melvin's nightmare. haha
  • the matrix, but organic