πŸŒ• 01.10 β€” 08.10 πŸŒ–

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harvest moon was on the 1st of october. I remember walking around my condo compound and admiring the lights they hung up.

Have been really into attuning myself to the rhythms of the moon, and I'm aware there are practices around this and the charging or alchemising of energies with regards to the moon. This quote by umi was lovely:

"Every full moon, every new moon, I feel an energy shift within me. We (as humans) have a lot of water within us, and the moon has a pull over the oceans and bodies of water. So to me, we're also pulled and influenced by the moon" β€” Umi

This week, I continued my cycles to different places. While staying over at m's, we cycle everywhere - to get food, to go on dinner dates. i enjoy and love how my relationship to my surroundings, to Singapore has changed since m introduced riding into my life, our lives, and how special the connection is when shared with other people (I especially enjoy the wind)

wonderful experiences this week

  • cycling with seewah along upper thomson, and am still in awe she managed to conquer the terrifying hills of thomson with a bmx with no gear
  • dinner with kristen, russel, and meeting melvin in-between
  • spending work days at melvin's place and bonding with his dog gomi
  • receiving a pretty bouquet of flowers from shermane, and eating good cheese from the cheese ark

other things

I resonated with this article that nooranah sent me Three feelings that I don't have words for; I call them somatic memory.

in a moment of hyper or meta- self awareness, it is like i automatically tell myself 'ok, vanessa, i'm going to take a snapshot of your bodily and psychical sensations now' - and i store this flattened memory of a moment in time, to my memory (Collection of (digital) somatic memoryCollection of (digital) somatic memory
somatic (adj) - of, relating to, or affecting the body

During this year of the pandemic, our bodies grow heavy with inertia and limited movement while our minds, nonetheless, traverse multiple cyber-geographies in the nooks and crannies of web interfaces or infinite streams of information.

In this parallel place, how are we embodied?

Here's a list of ways i get entangled with my devices and its digital spaces:

when i ctrl-c, i feel like i'm holding onto something, and i need to release...

i think it is particularly curious when i "feel" my devices, as if i am entangled with them. e.g.,

  • when i ctrl-c, i feel like i'm holding onto something, and i need to release them, let go of them
  • when i am doing a battery-heavy task on my phone, e.g. watching a youtube video on mobile data, i feel - somehow! - myself being depleted

Hence i am wondering if the extension of mind theory has incorporated the Minds we accord to the devices around us.


  • being deliberate in the present moment
  • loving yourself will naturally raise your vibrations

further reading

Nascence of dual world spheres during our lifetimes. Makes me wonder speculatively on how the Other will transform and distort in this future.