List of metaphors in the field of computing

  • fog computing
  • cloud computing
  • data lake
  • data warehouse
  • syntactic sugar
  • root file
  • file tree
  • breadcrumbs

As landscapes are embedded in languages (perhaps more distinct in indigenous cultures), they are utilised for directionality, rooted in morality. see David Abram's Spell of the Sensuous (1997) or Keith Basso's Wisdom sits in places (1996)

What about cyberscapes embedded in language?

We see semblances of this in computer terminologies; fog computing, cloud computing; rhetorical devices to conceal its materiality.

Do we argue that it's an empty signifier? Or does this signify a world and time to come, where our referrent exist no longer, becoming myths?

Can we create new languages that encode cyberspaces in less abstracted ways?